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Password Tools

Some useful password tools are listed here:

Multiple Documents Recovery
Methods to recover multiple password protected Word, Excel documents.

Dictionaries for password recovery.

Dictionary Maker
Dictionary Maker is a free utility to compose dictionaries (word lists) using multiple source text files.

Password Director - Password Manager
Award-winning, reliable, professional solution to manage your passwords.

Password Estimation
Using our online Password Estimation Service you can check if given password is weak. Approximate estimation of time required to recover the password will be also given. You can also calculate the time it takes to search for a password using brute-force attack under conditions you specify.

Find Password Protected Documents
This utility searches for password protected documents on your computer. Current version analyzes Word, Excel documents and Zip archives only.

DiscoverIt! is a small freeware program that shows what Windows hides behind asterisks in password text boxes.

Password Variator
Password Variator will help you if original password was mistyped. Password Variator will build a file with all possible variations, typos and mistypes inside. Then you can use that file as a dictionary in your password recovery program.

If your Office Document is corrupted rather than password-protected, try document recovery tools developed by our partner.

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