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Pocket Excel Password

Pocket Excel Password recovers lost passwords to password-protected Excel for PocketPC documents (.pxl files). Password recovery could be performed instantly using the Fake Password Creation recovery method. Note that Pocket Excel Password is a desktop application, it must be executed on a desktop PC. Also, the password-protected document you want to recover should be available on your desktop computer. This means that you should copy your .pxl file from your Pocket PC to a desktop computer. Since ActiveSync asks for the password when copying password-protected documents, it's a bit tricky. There are two methods to do this:

Method 1
Launch ActiveSync and turn off automatic file conversion (Select the Tools -> Options -> Rules -> Conversion Settings menu item and clear the "Convert files when synchronized, copied or moved" checkbox). Copy your password-protected Pocket Excel file. Restore that option.

Method 2
Launch ActiveSync and select the File -> Explore menu item. Change the file type of your password-protected document (rename it to myfile.dat). Copy the file to the desktop computer. Rename both copies again (restore the original name and file type).