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Password Calculator

With Online Password Calculator you may calculate the time it takes to search for a password using brute-force attack under the conditions that you specify.

Enter the information and press the 'Calculate' button. Keep in mind that the result you get is the complete search time, i.e. this time is required to recover your password with a 100% probability. The probability to find the password in half this time equals 50% and so on. The final number is rounded off and displayed in the most appropriate time units.


1. Password Calculator estimates recovery time for Brute-force attack only. Brute-force attack is the worst case, sometimes other more effective recovery methods are available. For example any password-protected Word or Excel document could be recovered using our unique Guaranteed Recovery within a reasonable time frame.

2. Search speed depends on a number of factors such as the document type and computer configuration. For password recovery the most important factors are processor type and speed. Other system parameters such as HDD performance or memory size are usually insignificant. You can start recovery in the user-defined mode and use the 'Benchmark' button on the last page. It will display the speed for the specific task.

Most typical speed values are: 300 thousand passwords per second for Word and Excel documents (once again: this is for Brute Force Attack only, Express Recovery allows to recover Word and Excel documents instantly regardless of the password length), 4000 thousand passwords per second for WinZip (only one thousand if the AES mode is used), 60 thousand passwords per second for Power Point Password.

3. You can use multiple computers (distributed attack) to reduce recovery time.


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