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Guaranteed and Express recovery
Please read carefully!

Guaranteed recovery is a unique technology that is used to recover password-protected Word/Excel 97+ documents regardless of the password length within a reasonable time span. Express Recovery is a further development of Guaranteed Recovery. Express Recovery takes just a minute to recover a document regardless of the password length. However in some rare cases, a document cannot be recovered using Express Recovery (this depends on the document structure but not on the password length). Also Express Recovery is subject to availability. OfficePassword uses Express Recovery by default and switches to Guaranteed Recovery if Express Recovery is unavailable at the moment or if the document could not be recovered using Express Recovery.

There are several important notes, please read the following carefully.

Guaranteed recovery does NOT recover the lost password. Using guaranteed recovery you can decrypt your document and REMOVE the password at all.
If you have several password-protected files (even with the same password), you have to process each file individually, because Word/Excel adds random data to every document. Two documents with the same password and contents are not actually the same! Click here for additional information.
Actual recovery is performed on our computers. An internet connection is required to start a recovery task, to monitor its status and to obtain results. But you do not have to keep the Internet connection all the time.
An additional fee may apply. Every registered user of OfficePassword has a "Guaranteed Recovery account". The registered version of Word Password or Excel Password comes with one Recovery Voucher on your account. This means that you are eligible to recover one document free of charge. If you want to recover more documents (even if all these files are protected with exactly the same password), you have to purchase additional recovery vouchers. We charge an additional fee for Guaranteed Recovery because the recovery is performed on our side and takes a lot of resources.  (Click the following link for more information on Multiple Document Recovery).
Once Guaranteed Recovery is started, you may not cancel it.
Guaranteed Recovery takes up to 36 hours or less. We are working hard to reduce this time. The actual time estimation will be given you when you start the recovery process.
Express Recovery is instant, it takes just a minute.
Guaranteed Recovery is not available in the DEMO version because it consumes too much resources. Express Recovery is available even in the Demo version.
You can run several recovery processes simultaneously (additional vouchers are required).
The recovery method is designed to protect your privacy. A small amount of data (about 50 bytes ) is sent to our server. We use this data to build a "recovery key". This data does NOT contain any information about you or the contents of your document.